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This year the Dickens Society will hold its annual Symposium at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, following the usual format, opening with the first panel on Friday afternoon, with panel sessions scheduled for the morning and afternoon of Saturday. A final Sunday morning session, to finish by midday, will conclude the proceedings.


Arrangements for accommodation have been made with Edinburgh First, the University's conference services office. Delegates will have the option of single standard rooms (£27.00 per room, per night), single en-suite rooms (£42.00 per room, per night), and double en-suite rooms (£69.00 per room, per night) at the Pollock Halls of Residence. These rates include full Scottish breakfast and VAT @ 17.5%. The university's facilities at Holyrood Park Road offer elegant meeting rooms and comfortable accommodation at a beautiful site close to the city center.


A frequent Airport Express bus runs between Edinburgh International airport and the city center, where taxis are available at Waverleystation for transport to Holyrood Park Road. Edinburgh airport has daily flights to and from most major airports.


Delegates arriving from the United States have the option of traveling via London Heathrow, London Gatwick, or Amsterdam International airport and then continuing on with connecting flights to Edinburgh. Alternatively, Continental flies directly into Glasgow from some U.S.cities, as do American Airlines (summer service only) from Chicago and Air America from Philadelphia. An efficient bus link provides transportation between Glasgow International airport and Edinburgh city center.


Registration forms will be available by e-mail from Professor Robert J. Heaman , who will handle inquiries from the United States, North and South America and Asia. Requests for registration forms and further details from interested parties in the UK, Europe, Australiaand New Zealand should contact Professor David Paroissien:


(2) You can still access the new page on BBC about Dickens. It can be reached at the following URL:

I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

(3) The final meeting of the Greater Boston Branch of the Dickens Fellowship for 2006-2007 was held on Sunday, June 13, 2007 at the Conference Room of Border's Bookshop, at Washington and School St. in Downtown Boston. We completed our discussion of "Dombey & Son", concentrating on the final chapters. 



(4) Our first speaker this year was Nancy Ellis who presented a paper entitled "Work for the Night Is Coming." on the origin and history of workhouses. Further speakers included Claire Fitzgerald, on "Charles Dickens and Fallen Women - Their Treatment in Victorian and Modern Society," Alan Giangregorio at the Christmas Party on "A Christmas Carol," Bob Cammett. on "Mr. Beadle and Beadling," Robert Davis on "Cruikshank and Dickens in Oliver Twist," Claire Davis on "Performances of Fagin," Nancy Brown on "David Lean and the Filming of 'Oliver Twist' ". and Robert Davis on "Did Fagin Get a Bum Rap?" A birthday party honoring Charles Dickens was held at the Union Oyster House, where Charles Dickens had dined. We were honored by a talk by Professor Ed. Bander of Suffolk Law School on "Legal Aspects of 'Pickwick Papers'. "



:(5)The Dickens Universe, the summer program of the Dickens Project, will be held on the campus of Kresge College, the University of California at Santa Cruz, from Sunday July 29, 2007 through Saturday, August 5, 2007. The discussion book will be "The Pickwick Papers". There will be an associated Victorian conference on "Victorian Genres". Mark your calendars. Visit the website of The Dickens Project for more details at






(6) Some interesting material is on the BBC Web Site. Some addresses are:

(i) An interview with Simon Callow on “The Mystery of Charles Dickens with links to oral commentary and readings:

(ii) Home Page for “The Mystery of Charles Dickens”:

(iii) BBC Home page for Dickens:

(iv) An interview with Peter Ackroyd on BBC:

(v) What the Victorians did for us:

(vi) Dickens as an author:

(vii) Dickens’ hard times:

(viii) Shop for Dickens on the BBC:

(ix) A game: Survive Dickens’ London:

(x) Dickens Aloud - Readings:



(7) A new program, a performance of Dickens' "The Bride's Chamber" will be broadcast soon by the BBC on Radio Four. It will be part of the Afternoon Program, starting at 2:15 PM GMT on Friday June 25. It will be kept on the web for 7 days thereafter and can be listened to at any time in that period by downloading it to Real Network or similar audio program. The web site to find it is:
Look for the Afternoon Program. The alphabetical index of programs ahould give access to it.