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We would like to welcome you to the website of the Greater Boston Branch of the Dickens Fellowship. This is the New England representative of the world-wide group of afficionados dedicated to the enjoyment and celebration of the works, the life and the spirit of the great 19th century author and reformer, Charles Dickens (1812–1870).

The Dickens Fellowship started in 1902 in London and promptly was established as a group of local chapters throughout the world. Headquartered in London at the Dickens Museum in what was once Dickens' home on Doughty Street, The Fellowship has been very popular in America, as well as England, Australia, Japan, etc., with numerous local chapters there and elsewhere.

This site is continuously under development. It was initiated on 29 June 2003 in an effort to make available to the general public information on our history, mode of function, interests and purpose. We welcome inquiries from the public and those interested in considering attending our meetings or joining the Dickens Fellowship at Headquarters (London) or at our Greater Boston Branch. Importantly, we also welcome visits to this site from members of the public who share our interest in Charles Dickens even without an interest in joining the Fellowship. The site is open to all.

We will keep you posted here about the latest date of updating this site so that you can keep abreast of changes in information about The Greater Boston Branch of the Dickens Fellowship or announcements of import to us, our members or friends interested in Dickens. We will attempt to post announcements of information relating to Charles Dickens, such as new publications, cinematic productions, books, BBC programs accessible on the Web , etc.


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